Chiropody / Podiatry

"Chiropody" actually means the treatment of "hands and feet". But in the UK, the term Chiropody was generally accepted to mean the treatment of the lower limb, especially the foot, and Chiropodist being the person who performs such treatment. In 1993, the more globally accepted terms of Podiatry and Podiatrist was taken up in the UK to clarify the role as being the treatment of the foot.

However, Irene continues to use Chiropodist title, to correctly reflect the fact that she actually treat both the hands and the feet; which is what the term was originally intended to describe.

In most other instances, the terms Chiropodist and Podiatrist mean the same thing and the treatment given by a person using either title is identical.


Information and Advice Available

The clinic specialises in the diagnosis and treatment in the following areas:


General information:

Footcare for the elderly

Footcare for the Arthritic patient

Footcare for the Diabetic patient:

  • What is Diabetes?
  • General care
  • Poor circulation
  • Going on holiday

Structure of the feet:

  • Bones and joints of the foot
  • Arches of the foot
  • Walking development of a child

Common Foot Problems:

The information being supplied here has been compiled as a guide only, in order to give an insite into general footcare and problems associated with feet.

In all instances, if you are experencing footcare problems, you should consult a qualified chiropodist, who will asses your problem, give comprehensive advice and treatment which would be suitable for you.

Healthy feet are happy feet

A normal session

Information on what a normal session entails, and current fees can be found here.